The Confessions Of A Teenage Truth Freak

“C’est la vie”

It sucks doesn’t it? Life. Frankly it sucks to be a teenager. Boy or girl. 13 or 17. I was once told “Life sucks then it becomes better, then it sucks again. Now it just sucks”. Someone else told me “If you can not be positive at least keep quiet”. I replied “I am positive about being negative”.


I am lazy.

I can be negative sometimes. However all negativity is towards myself not to other people (unless I am grumpy).

I love anything to do with music.

I do not have a favourite colour although I do like black it matches my mood (I am not a goth).

My friends call me “confident”. Whatever that means

I hate losing my dignity. Then again don’t we all?

I am a girl

I am 12  or whatever the minimal age is allowed 

Sunday 9th Of December 2:29 PM

It is that time year when that kid in class is humming Christmas songs out of tune. Or when that annoyingly spoilt rich kid is telling everyone what they got for Christmas last year and what they want this year. Oh my personal favourite, when Mum or Dad goes OTT with Christmas decorations. Therefore the house is devoured with tinsel and fairy lights. (It wont be long until the fire brigade comes). Do not thret I am not that much of Grinch I love Christmas. I love it more than my birthday in fact. Did you know I was meant to be born on Christmas but came out 36 or 37 days later(I can not count). It would suck having your birthday on Christmas. (No shade for people who are born on Christmas). I do not want to go to school tomorrow. ¬_¬. “I don’t want to do anything nothing at all”. Wise, wise words said by Bruno Mars. I can relate 100%. So tell me what is on your mind. What are your favourite and most annoying things about Christmas. Until next time. Adios and stay out of trouble.

x RoseyCloud